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Dreaming of Success

I’m flying!  And I’m wearing a beautiful, sparkling, Elsa dress.  I feel so freeeeeeeee and on top of the wooooorld.  I’m in full control of my flight and, wow, does flying feel AMAAAAAAAZING.
Until… wait… who is screaming down below?  Is that Grant?
POOF!  And I’m awake.  My two year old is yelling and ready to come out of his crib for the day.  My beautiful dress is gone.  It’s 6:23am.  I have bed head and a t-shirt & shorts that don’t even match.  But today I’m grabbing my glasses off my side table and leaping out of my bed and into his room feeling so refreshed after my awesome dream!   Today is going to be a good day!
I hurried down to the kitchen with my little dude to tell my hubby about my flying experience before he left for work.  You have to hear this.  I had a flying dream.  Do you know what this means?!?  He appeased me with a little excitement but I know in these moments he thinks I’m a little nutty.  And, well, he is probably right.  But I fully own my nuttiness.
Anywhoozer, have you ever had one of those dreams where you are flying?  The kind where you don’t want them to end but when you wake you feel like you are on top of the world?
I have a little secret obsession with dreams.  For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with my dreams.  I have dream dictionaries that I keep in my bedroom and I used to even write them down sometimes in the middle of the night so I could remember my dreams in the morning and try to figure out what they meant.  Although those dirty pregnancies dreams sort of threw me for a loop so I decided to just write those off as crazy pregger hormones and not look back. Yikes!
I didn’t have to look this dream up in my book because I already knew exactly what it meant!  I’ve already read a great deal about flying dreams.  They are the ones we long for.  The ones we want to drive towards.   The reason I’m so thrilled about last nights dream is because flying dreams are an exhilarating and liberating experience.  When you are easily flying through the air, it often suggests you have risen above something and have gained a new and different perspective.  This is absolutely true in my life right now.  And as corny as this sounds, I think I was wearing the Elsa dress!  I just recently saw a Frozen show with my kids and during the show I was in deep thought about the meaning behind Frozen.  Sisterly love, I know, its very sweet.  I love my own sisters enough to unfreeze them.  But the message that I gravitate towards is Elsa choosing to be herself and take control of her life the way she wants to.
The most recent dreams I remember prior to last night were of spreadsheets with rows and rows of numbers flashing before me.  I couldn’t make them stop to find the information I was looking for.  As a marketer a big portion of my job was to review data and constantly try to increase performance.  While I really enjoyed this part of my job, it often found its way into my dreams.  And I think the fact that I couldn’t make the rows stop so I could focus was representative of a lack of control and focus I’d been feeling in my life.  And perhaps also my relentless struggle to make sense of quitting my job in spreadsheet after spreadsheet of budget scenarios.
There’s nothing sexy about my life right now.  I’m just an average mom sitting in her PJ’s at She’s Winning headquarters (aka the end of my couch closest to the outlet).  I have terrible bedhead and a little boy with a poopy diaper currently stalking me.  I can promise you I have just as many problems and obstacles to overcome as the next person.  My life is not a fairytale but I feel exhilarated because I’m living my life exactly the way I want to and learning to enjoy the little things.  I see my life from a new perspective with new ideas on what success is for me.  I made choices for myself and didn’t let money or any other false sense of happiness drive my life for me.  And so I earned myself a flying dream in my sparkling Elsa dress!
What if flying dreams are a true indicator of our own success? If you are feeling stuck in a situation that isn’t right for you, maybe its time to let it go. And make new choices that exhilarate you. What would make YOU soar?!?
Food for thought while I tend to that poopy diaper.  It’s getting stinky in here.

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