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Being Mom is...

Hard, it’s really really HARD. It’s pulling my hair up, drinking coffee & pushing through sleepless nights. It’s multitasking on steroids & never having enough hands. It’s worrying, worrying & worrying some more…  usually at 2am . It’s valuing my mommy friends & our play dates to keep me sane. It’s saying “no” when it would be so much easier to say “yes”. It’s sand in the carpet, dirt on the tile and dents in the furniture. It’s negotiating bites at meals and minutes left at the play place. It’s slowing down the pace so they can “do it by myself”. It’s getting pooped on, puked on and sneezed on. It’s kissing boo boo’s, scrubbing dirty knees & wiping poopy butts. It’s holding sticky little hands to cross the street. It’s finding time for me.   I’m still more than just Mommy. It’s forgiving myself every day for the many mistakes I make & things I could have done better. It’s reminding myself to be a good role model because they are alw