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Why Baby Flutters Are the Most Magical Part of Pregnancy

The sickness has past.  My energy is coming back.   As   much as it can with two little boys, of course .  I’m in the sweet spot of pregnancy and have a very visible bump now.  I’m getting the second trimester glow and my thoughts are full of excitement and dreams for my next little love.  My inner Martha Stewart is even coming out as I’m starting to catch myself nesting.   Oh, how I missed her!   But even better than Martha, my all-time favorite milestone throughout pregnancy is feeling my baby moving inside me; from the first baby flutters to the strong kicks of the third trimester.  While feeling the baby move is a “normal” part of pregnancy, it feels nothing short of magical and here is why: BABY FLUTTERS ARE THE FIRST PURE & NATURAL SIGN OF LIFE MOVING INSIDE OF US.  While the first view of the baby via ultrasound and hearing that little heartbeat are truly awesome, they are both brought about by technology.  Yet from the beginning of time, expectant mothers have fel

Gaining Strength, Perspective & Joy

It seems like most of us have "a thing", a reoccurring struggle or a challenge we deal with throughout our lives.  It may be related to money, health, family, or something else...  I don't think I've met a person yet who doesn't have at least one "thing" they are challenged with. My "thing" is that I have a chronic disease called Ulcerative Colitis.  It's hard to believe I'm sharing this because I used to be really embarrassed about it.  But the longer I have it and the older I get, it's just become a part of who I am.  I was diagnosed with it when I was 21 and spent most of my 20s suffering silently from it and not listening to my Doctor because I was determined that I was not going to take medication for the rest of my life.  I tried every diet out there,  had extensive food allergy testing done, acupuncture, even cranial adjustments - you name it, I tried it!    When it was bad, it took over my life.  And I spent a ridiculous