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I'm Going Gray

Well, yes, my hair is too.  But I’m not referring to those beauties on the top of my head that my children and entering my mid thirties brought about.  This is my new stance on mommy wars.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that NOTHING related to being a parent is black and white and so I’m officially joining team gray. In my pre-kid era, I watched from a far.  I heard about a few of the hot mommy topics from other parents and  thought  I knew where I stood despite that fact that I was actually clueless on everything kid related.  I passed judgment on other people’s parenting and their children’s behavior.  “I’ll never…” are the famous last words of the pre-kid era.   Karma’s a bitch.  Now I hear first time pregnant women telling me all of the things they will do perfectly.  And all of the things they  will never do .  Trust me, I was never going to let my child scream in public either or use an iPad to entertain them when I needed a break.  But guess who has one of the loudest

To My Baby Boy On Your Second Birthday

My Sweet Little Boy, I’m overcome with emotion thinking back to your very dramatic entrance into this world just two short years ago.  You didn’t come according to my plan.  After giving birth to your older brother I thought I knew what to expect.  But you entered the world in your own way.  It was clear then and is still clear today that you will pave your own path. And from your very first breath I knew that all of the things I thought I had learned about being a mom would change with you. Y ou  bring me new joys.   And you bring me new challenges.  You make me a better me every day. Your fearlessness keeps me constantly at the edge of my seat.  But I know you will use it to do extraordinary things with your life.  You will be unstoppable! You play hard but you love even harder.   There has never been a hug as tight as yours.  You hug with every ounce of strength you have.  And someday you will have a family of your own that will be stronger because of  that

Dreaming of Success

I’m flying!  And I’m wearing a beautiful, sparkling, Elsa dress.  I feel so freeeeeeeee and on top of the wooooorld.  I’m in full control of my flight and, wow, does flying feel AMAAAAAAAZING. Until… wait… who is screaming down below?  Is that Grant? POOF!  And I’m awake.  My two year old is yelling and ready to come out of his crib for the day.  My beautiful dress is gone.  It’s 6:23am.  I have bed head and a t-shirt & shorts that don’t even match.  But today I’m grabbing my glasses off my side table and leaping out of my bed and into his room feeling so refreshed after my awesome dream!   Today is going to be a good day! I hurried down to the kitchen with my little dude to tell my hubby about my flying experience before he left for work.   You have to hear this.  I had a flying dream.  Do you know what this means?!?   He appeased me with a little excitement but I know in these moments he thinks I’m a little nutty.  And, well, he is probably right.  But I fully own my nut

SAHM Week 1: The Good, The Bad & The Savings

Thank you for the many messages and responses to my  post about quitting my job . I’ve received a lot of questions on what sacrifices and changes I am making with this transition.  I’ve really enjoyed chatting with so many lovely gals considering the same type of move and I hope to be as transparent as I can with this series “The Good, The Bad & The Savings.” One week in and I am still alive! It’s obviously way to early for me to pass judgment on this new lifestyle, good or bad, but I do have a lot to share from my first week at home. THE SAVINGS I am about 10x less stressed.   I love the much slower pace of my days, especially our mornings. Don’t get me wrong, my little guys still wake me up at the crack of dawn but that part was always just fine.  The easier part is knowing that I don’t have to rush them out the door and still be ready for my day at work. I enjoy having breakfast together, watching a few cartoons and then starting our first activity of the day at our o