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My favorite hello and my hardest goodbye

It's been a week since we rushed to the emergency vet with the most loving, loyal, furry friend we could ever have.  I've known we were nearing the end of his life for some time.  I spent a lot of time worrying about it over the last few months.  Would I be strong enough to let him go when the time came?  He had a progressive heart disease so I had talked to the vet about what to look out for many times and had read the same articles on the internet over and over again.  I knew his life was getting harder and I had whispered to him that if he needed to let go, it was ok.  I didn't want him to be in pain.  I would miss him terribly but I would be ok. Now I'm struggling to hold up my end of that bargain.  I really want to be ok but there is no quick fix to make this pain go away. In the end things went down hill very abruptly and quickly that night and the decision to make him comfortable was not hard.  We were told this was the end and we just wanted to stop the suf