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Why Baby Flutters Are the Most Magical Part of Pregnancy

The sickness has past.  My energy is coming back.  As much as it can with two little boys, of course.  I’m in the sweet spot of pregnancy and have a very visible bump now.  I’m getting the second trimester glow and my thoughts are full of excitement and dreams for my next little love.  My inner Martha Stewart is even coming out as I’m starting to catch myself nesting.  Oh, how I missed her!  But even better than Martha, my all-time favorite milestone throughout pregnancy is feeling my baby moving inside me; from the first baby flutters to the strong kicks of the third trimester.  While feeling the baby move is a “normal” part of pregnancy, it feels nothing short of magical and here is why:


While the first view of the baby via ultrasound and hearing that little heartbeat are truly awesome, they are both brought about by technology.  Yet from the beginning of time, expectant mothers have felt baby flutters without technology or visiting a doctor which makes this experience even that much more phenomenal.


There are so many women out there that are struggling with infertility issues.  It breaks my heart and I realize that I am so blessed to experience this for a third time and I’m not going to take one second of it for granted.   I could lay on the couch for hours if my boys would let me just fascinated by these tiny baby flutters moving around my belly like a butterfly.  While laying for hours is not realistic, I’m soaking up these moments as much as I can throughout the day and as I drift to sleep at night.  When I think about all of the things that have to go right for a healthy pregnancy to occur, these baby flutters seem nothing short of miraculous.


This will be my last pregnancy and through all of my experiences with pregnancy THIS has always been the part I miss when it’s over, the part I just don’t want to let go of and the part I long for when I pass by other pregnant women.  I’m in love with these secret, quiet conversations that go on between me and my peanut and the fact that I can be mid conversation with a group of people and without anyone around me realizing I feel that little tap tap.  It is a constant reminder that though I currently go about my days business-as-usual, there is a precious human being growing inside of ME.  “Hi, Mommy.  I’m here!”  THIS is absolutely astonishing and warms my heart each and every time.


I’m trying to live in the moment and yet I can not help but look forward to feeling my little one get stronger and stronger.  I know from my past pregnancies that inevitably what started as tiny baby flutters will end as strong karate kicks.  Being able to feel this change over the course of pregnancy is just remarkable.


In a matter of weeks I will no longer be the only one that can feel him or her already making their mark. I can hardly wait until the movements get strong enough to feel the movement from outside my belly.  I’m anxious to share this extraordinary experience with my boys and husband.
How can I bottle THIS up?  How can I make sure I never forget THIS feeling?  With all of the technology we have to take pictures and videos to capture every last moment, the only way to truly hold on to THIS is to soak it all in and pray that it stays with me forever.   This is the beginning of a precious new bond and I don’t want to ever forget it.
Dear God, let me always remember THIS feeling.  I’m in love with my baby flutters.
A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.  ~Unknown

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